Sleep or die?

Our new topic is SLEEP.

Often neglected and disregarded, good and sufficient sleep is one of the fundamental pillars of health and well-being.

Sleep is what we all do during approximately one-third of our lives (depending on whether we sleep enough or not ;-D), without even being aware of it (except in rare cases).

It is also a very complex neurophysiological process that includes at least two very basic phases, REM sleep (rapid eye movement) and non-REM sleep.
For more information on the sleep phases and what happens inside of our bodies during those phases, look at the infographic below with the name “The Science of Sleep” (source: and watch either the excellent, but long lecture from the University of California or the shorter video with the title “Healthy Sleeping” on youtube (see below) – both are embedded at the end of this blog post.

To get more information on different aspects of sleep, I gathered some more nice infographics that you can see in their full size when you click on the pictures.

Infographic 2 – The Basics of Sleep (Source:
Infographic 3 – Sleep or Die (Source:
Infographic 4 – How Sleep Deprivation Impacts Your Brain and Body (Source:
Infographic 5 – Sleep is Awesome (Source:








Anyway, sleep is a major factor in the quality of our lives and also heavily affects how we relate to each other in waking life.
On the other hand, the quality of our waking lives immensely affects the quality of our sleep, which Jiddu Krishnamurti, the founder of Brockwood Park School, points out in an entry (Rome, October 19th 1973) from the personal diary that he took from 1973 to 1975 (Krishnamurti’s Journal). The exact text of K’s journal entry can be found on the last page of the info presentation I put together with short information and pictures on the topic of sleep (see below).

See the info presentation (4 pages) here as a pdf-file (Care for the Body – Sleep – Info Presentation) and below as jpeg-files. Click on the pictures to see the bigger versions.















Last, but not least, here a couple of interesting videos on the topic of sleep, its importance for health and well-being, and some science behind it. Have fun watching them!

OK, hope this was interesting!
By the way, if you read this after 10pm, you better go to bed and get a good night’s sleep! 🙂
Thomas from Brockwood