Recommended Reading



Robert M. Sapolsky – Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers
Excellent and comprehensive book on the topic of stress and its background and consequences by one of the world’s leading stress researchers


William C. Dement & Christopher Vaughan – The Promise of Sleep
Popular book on sleep for the general public by Dr. Dement

Katy Bowman – Move your DNA

Kit Laughlin – Stretching & Flexibility

Blog by movement teacher Frank Forencich from the US (Exuberant Animal)
Blog by movement teacher Simon Thakur from Australia (Ancestral Movement)
Blog by movement teacher Craig Mallett from Australia (Aware.Relaxed.Connected)
Website of movement specialist Katy Bowman from the US (Nutritious Movement)
Excellent online resource by the Harvard Medical School with information and videos
Newer version of the above mentioned website based on Dr. Dement’s research

Recommended YouTube channels:

Kit Laughlin

Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement)


Ido Portal


GMB (Gold Medal Bodies)

Dewey Nielsen


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