Wisdom water (or: be wise and carry a water bottle)


A fascinating substance. Without it, life as we know it could not exist. It can be immensely powerful and shape entire landscapes or it can be floating around in the air in the form of water vapour. Water is basically everywhere on our planet.

Our bodies are also largely water, between around 60% as an adult and over 75% as a newborn baby. It is responsible for many vital functions in our bodies, such as to lubricate our joints, nourishing our brains and spinal cords as well as to help regulate our body temperature. It also helps transporting nutrients to all our cells and flushing out the harmful substances in our bodies we need to get rid of.

In order for our bodies to have enough water available to carry out all these important functions, we constantly have to replenish our own water stores. This is because we also constantly lose water from our system, primarily through sweat, urine and breath.

Dehydration is common in people of all ages and more than often it can be solved by simply making sure to always carry a water bottle. If possible, it is a good idea to get a water bottle made of glass or stainless steel as plastic bottles can, under certain conditions, release harmful substances into the water.

A good way to control if we are drinking enough water is to check the colour of our urine. A transparent colour usually shows good levels of hydration whereas yellow signals that more water intake is needed. Headaches, joint pain, constipation or simply feeling thirsty can be other signs of dehydration.

With all the benefits of drinking water, one should also be aware of over-hydration which, even though very rare, can cause problems as well. As common wisdom suggests, anything (even good things) in excess can be harmful.

Check out the TED-Ed video and the infographic (props to healthworks.my) below for more information and above all, stay hydrated and care for your body!


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