Start of “Care for the Body” blog

Dear readers,

connected to a new project and emphasis at Brockwood Park School in Hampshire, England, called “Care for the Body”, this blog is being started to make information on many different topics related to health and well-being available to the members of the Brockwood community and any interested follower from around the world.

Usually every couple of weeks, a new topic will be the focus of attention and information, pictures, graphics and videos connected to that topic will be gathered and displayed here.

The first of two topics we already looked at here at Brockwood this year was stress, the hormonal response of the body that for large parts of our human history was a “savior”, helping us to survive in a dangerous world, but is becoming more and more of a “killer”, being co-responsible for the development of many modern diseases. The second topic we were looking at is sleep, something we all do for large parts of our lives, but which we often neglect, leading to insufficient quality and/or quantity of sleep and thus to more stress put on our bodies.
The already gathered information on stress and sleep will be posted here during the next few days to really get started with the blog.

Hope you will enjoy!
Comments are welcome!
Thomas from Brockwood Park School


2 thoughts on “Start of “Care for the Body” blog

    1. Dear Jon, thank you very much for your comment! Very much appreciated! 🙂
      Thanks also for the very interesting info on your blog (I just browsed through it a little bit) :-). Keep it up!
      Thomas from Brockwood

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